December 7, 2017

Is Ozil off to Barcelona?

By Engerlund

After each transfer window passes by, more and more transfer rumours surface, and more and more are crushed – these rumours just didn’t come true at all, and were probably made up by someone pretending to be ‘in the know’, but then there are others however that do go through and actually happen.

One of the rumours that has come to light in recent times was Mesut Ozil’s possible January transfer to the Spanish outfit Barcelona – whether or not it is indeed true is a whole other debate!

Nevertheless, it’s believed that Barcelona are interested in signing Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and will even offer the German midfielder £350,000 each week in order to bring him to Camp Nou in the approaching winter transfer window. With Ozil out of contract in June, he is well within his rights to start negotiating a deal with a different club as soon as January – the question is whether Arsenal will attempt to cash in on him and sell him in the winter, or hold on to him in the hope that he signs a new deal, but with the very real risk that he can leave for nothing just a few months later.

Barcelona have recently been attempting to sign Philippe Coutinho but failed to do so and they are rumoured on trying to get Mesut Ozil as a backup signing that can bring new dimensions to the squad of Ernesto Valverde. Coutinho has been labelled as over-priced, and he’s not the only premier league player whose price-tag has raised a few eyebrows on the continent.

However, when the head chief of Arsenal Arsene Wenger, was asked if all these rumors are indeed true or not, the French manager replied by saying that Mesut Ozil as well as Alexis Sanchez who has also been on the transfer mill are both happy at the Emirates Stadium.

“I am convinced they love the club and love the team, but all the rest will be decided when? I don’t really know. I believe they love the club and want to stay, but there are other top clubs out there who offer good contracts as well. They are honest. I don’t question their honesty.”

“Ozil and Alexis are praised when the team is doing well because of them, and when the team doesn’t do well they get more criticism. I’m more concerned that the team focuses on strong performances”

Mesut Ozil has been with Arsenal since 2013 but has failed to lift any truly major piece of silverware and it could be that the German wants to start adding titles to his name and by joining Barcelona; this is much easier to accomplish.