November 7, 2016

The best fantasy football names

By Engerlund

Fantasy Football is an important part of every football season, especially for fans. Being able to ‘manage’ a selection of the best players in the Premier League is every fans dream. Apart from selecting your players, another tasks which every fan must go through is naming your team.

This process is almost as stressful as deciding which teams you are betting on. Despite this, some fantasy football fans have come up with some truly amazing names.

One of the most popular fantasy football names used in almost every season is Class on Grass. Although it’s not a particularly inventive name, the simplicity makes it memorable and is automatically a ‘go-to’ name. Other generic names which are commonly used by fantasy football players are; Game of Throw-Ins (based on the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’), Why So Serie A?, and 2 Goals 1 Cup. The less said about the latter, the better.

Despite generic footballing terms being the most popular team names used, others have decided to go with a slightly different approach and name their fantasy team by altering other teams’ names – usually to make fun of themselves. Some fantasy football names only make small adjustments to the team name. For example Pathetico Madrid, Farcelona and We’re Going Toulouse are variations of Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Toulouse team names. However, it’s not just self-loathing names that are used, Borussia Teeth and Bilbao Baggins are also team names used that are variations of actual team names.

Although some fantasy football team names are based on generic footballing terms and teams, other names are based on popular football players. The majority of names used are clever ‘play-ons’ of players names. Some fantasy football team names are based on popular shows, films and books, such as How I Met Your Mata, which is based on the popular American TV show How I Met Your Mother. Other fantasy football names that ‘borrow’ their name from shows, films, and books include Phantom of the Chopra, My Little Kone, Lord of the Ings, Absolutely Fabregas, and 50 Shades of O’Shea.

It’s not just entertainment mediums where fantasy team names come from, some names are also based off popular phrases and sayings. For example, Ctrl Alt De Laet is based off the computer command Ctrl+Alt+Delete and substitutes in Aston Villa defender Ritchie De Laet’s name. Other fantasy football names such as For Fuchs Sake are fairly self-explanatory.

However, it’s not just classic names that are being re-used. With the recent Premier League transfer window being one of the most expensive ever, some world class players have joined the league and as a result some amazing fantasy football names have also been made. Two of the biggest stars that have joined the Premier League in the summer, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Granit Xhaka, have some fantastic fantasy football names based on them. Zlat Was A Goal is based on Alan Partridge’s football commentary, and Boom Xhakalaka is based on Arsenal’s new £35 million Swiss star.