February 27, 2012


By Engerlund

Harry Redknapp has asserted that his taking charge of the England National Football Team now would be extremely unfair on the Tottenham Hotspur side that are doing so well at the moment, sitting pretty in third on the English Premier League table and looking good for direct qualification into next year’s UEFA Champions League.

Redknapp has long been linked with the managerial hot set of the England national team and ever since the resignation of Fabio Capello from the position; Redknapp has strongly been linked with the job.

Many of the tabloids in the United Kingdom have already begun circulating news that harry would take up the job and keep both the jobs at the same time but will leave White Hart Lane ahead of the European Championships at the end of the season. However, it has also been revealed that Harry will talk to his son Jamie, former Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur player and current television expert before he takes any decision regarding the managerial position of the England National Football Team.

With Stuart Pearce currently handling the job as the interim manager, Redknapp is in no hurry to jump to any decisions but the FA wants a decision from him by the end of April so that the he and the players can get a chance to acclimatize with each other.

According to betfair.com, it is also expected that if Harry Redknapp does take up the position, he will also want to take his entire backroom staff from Tottenham with him which will land the club in further trouble.

It is rumoured that Tottenham have already started to make a short list of managers that they want to take the reins of the club in case Harry does decide to leave for the England National Football Team and heading that list is none other than Chelsea favourite Jose Mourinho, though perhaps a more likely target is Carlo Ancelotti, who currently manages PSG, and has taken them on to become the team with the lowest Europa League odds, and had an impressve spell with Chelsea also.