March 8, 2016

Roy Hodgson is expected to step up his preparations for the Euro 2016

By Marc

England boss Roy Hodgson is expected to step up his preparations for the Euro 2016 by calling up around 40 players who are expected to be involved in the preliminary squad. Around 30 players will be travelling with an extensive staff for the Euro 2016.

However, the manager will take a look at around 40 players before trimming down his options. The players are expected to be called up for action at the training base in Burton. This meeting is going to be a discussion for the upcoming major event. Hodgson is expected to convey his ideas to the team about matters like objectives and playing style.

It has been reported that Hodgson may convey the upcoming tournament while also looking at the recent international friendlies against France and Spain. While the friendly against France ended in positive fashion with a 2-0 win, the friendly against a confidence less Spain was rather disappointing. England were defeated 2-0 and will be hoping to avoid such poor results at the tournament itself. There are a number of strong favourites and dark horses to win the Euro 2016. Despite their strong performance in the qualification rounds, England are not considered as potential challengers for the title. Getting past the quarter-finals will be seen as a successful tournament for starters.

“We are expecting about 40 players to be there and they are basically all the ones that were involved in some way in the qualifiers, not necessarily playing but in the squads that were picked.They are looking to have a pretty detailed analysis and debrief of the two November internationals [against Spain and France]. They will also be starting the preparations for the games [in March] against Germany in Berlin and Holland at Wembley a few days later,” said a reporter about insider information.