July 11, 2017

Gareth Southgate wants English players to be tested with their clubs

By Marc

 The head coach of the England national football team, Gareth Southgate has recently stated that he wants English players to get prepared as much as possible by their respective clubs.

According to Gareth Southgate, if his national comrades get to perform rigorously at the biggest stage possible at a club level then this will have a significantly big and positive impact to how those players perform at the international stage.

“I think for all top players there will always be the next challenge, like the Champions League and major tournaments. Look at Cristiano Ronaldo. You could see when he was running the team from the touchline last summer after being injured, what it meant to him to be a European champion with Portugal´´

“Lionel Messi is similar. We couldn’t have had a player over the last 30 years that has had a bigger impact on the game. Yet we’re all questioning because there’s a missing piece of success with Argentina´´

“So for every player there is always, ‘What’s the next bit I have to prove? What’s the next challenge?’ I was talking to James Ward-Prowse about his brief debut in Dortmund and he mentioned playing against Toni Kroos and watching him´´

When it comes to competing at the biggest stage in club level, the UEFA Champions League is widely considered to be the most difficult and prestigious award that any football club can win.

Fortunately for Gareth Southgate and the England national football team, there will be 5 English clubs competing in the UEFA Champions League on the upcoming season, these teams are: Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.