August 14, 2016


By Marc

Former Arsenal player Ashley Cole said that Arsene Wenger is the best man for the coaching job of England amidst the announcement that Sam Allardyce has been named the successor of Roy Hodgson.

The player, who is currently plying his trade in the Major League Soccer, opines that the Frenchman should have been convinced to take over the team as he was the one who could really turn things around for the team.

The 35-year old plays with LA Galaxy in the United States but reckons that the panel set up to select the next manager of England should have worked around his former boss at the Emirates. He played under Wenger for seven years before his controversial move to Stamford Bridge in 2006. The player who has earned 107 caps with the Three Lions has the info on how things work.

He was interviewed by SoccerAM’s Tubes and it was there he said there was no better choice but Arsene Wenger. He spoke of the poor run at the continental tournament and joined-in in the debate on if England should select another English manager or a foreign one. With fans able to get a Gala bingo promo code or sports betting discount, its no wonder everyone has an pionion on all of this.

“Again it’s debatable but for me I’d like to see someone like Wenger there. He’s good with the youngsters, knows how to win and knows his football. So if you asked me to choose a manager, it would be Arsene Wenger. I think he could develop it on to the next level,” the player said. He admitted that the team had a lot of talent but added that they required capable hands with experience to manage them. Sam Allardyce has already been selected to lead the team. He is set to be announced on Friday so he can begin work ahead of their World Cup qualifying games.