February 7, 2017


By Marc

Three Lions skipper Wayne Rooney has asked for better relations with the Football Writers Association when he was honoured in a special event after he broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s record at Manchester United.

Rooney said that the English national team would have a higher chance at succeeding in their endeavours if the rife between the players and the media dissipates. When players and the team in general succeed there are praised but when they fail there is widespread ire. Of recent the English team have not been in good form, earning them various labels by the writers.

Rooney himself has been in the public eye since 16-years old. He has been praised when he achieves feats like breaking the 249 goal barrier for United but he has also been ridiculed badly when his form drops below par.

“The younger players now have to understand that the media are a massive part of football. I have seen firsthand since becoming a captain of United and England, players have to realise that the media has a huge influence on the game, and especially on the young England players, they are the ones who have to go out and perform under the huge pressures.

“It is tough and I feel it is sometimes unfair, sometimes it is right, so the one thing, for me, that should happen – at this moment in time there is a huge gap between the media and the players,” Rooney said. If you had bet on the outcome using a Bet365 promo code, you could have got some ridiculous odds on it happening.

The star player added that the quicker both parties resolve their differences the better for English football. He thanked the association for the tribute.

The tribute makes the fifth in honour of an individual player. Previous individuals are Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs.