Micah Richards Performance fall Apart after Roy Hodgson

The last match that Fiorentina’s Micah Richards has played for the English national football team was back in 2012 when the caretaker coach Stuart Pearce was in charge of the team but things started to fall apart for Micah Richards when Roy Hodgson was appointed as the new manager of the squad as he replaced Fabio Capello who had already resigned.

Micah Richards is another football figure that has slammed Roy Hodgson for some of his decisions and the English defender believes that Hodgson has a biased preference when it comes to picking his own players.

Richards said: “You see players who are not performing well because they are his players. Foster can retire for a year then ‘if you want to come back in, here you go, feel free, even though there are other keepers’. He’s one of Hodgson’s players, isn’t he?”

This was a statement that was released by Richards a few months ago as the player does not agree with many things that Roy Hodgson has done with the team and from the looks of it, Richards is not the only one as Hodgson is one of the managers that continuously receives more criticism than anyone else.

Despite all of the criticism that Roy Hodgson has received, he has been given breathing room after guiding England past the group stages of the 2016 Euro with an impressive record of 4 victories and no defeats. This is the kind of results that the fanatics and supporters of England want to see after having suffered through such a disastrous 2014 World Cup campaign where the nation was unable to secure a single victory after losing against Italy and Uruguay and finished at the bottom of Group D.