England vs Russia – Who Will Make the Final Lineup

Onlookers, fans or no, will undoubtedly know the potential squad issues currently dogging England manager, Roy Hodgson. England look on fine form this time round, and as such a lot of players are eager and ready to make the grade and get a space on the final lineup for France this June. The only issue is, with only 23 places going, some players will undoubtedly be sacrificed.

Marcus Rashford is one name that keeps appearing in the England squad rumours, and for good reason. On May 13th it was released that the 18 year old could still be in with a chance of going to UEFA, despite earlier rumours that he wouldn’t even in the face of his good form this season.

The primary reason being put down to inexperience when compared with other team members. However, due to Danny Welbeck’s knee injury a serious re-think has started as to who can help bolster attacking options, with Rashford being a potential choice.

While the question of whether the striker will make it or not is a prominent one, with hard hitting matches like that of England vs Russia being of great significance, Hodgson may prefer to lead with experience rather than youth.

Even though this season has been a precarious one for Jack Wilshere, the midfielder appears to be part of the final squad that will go up against Russia when England’s Euro 2016 campaign begins. Injuries have plagued the Arsenal ace all season, and as such have called into question whether Wilshere would even be fit enough to go to UEFA, and yet he seems to have managed to scrape by thus far. However, with Hodgson set to reduce his squad from 25 to 23 by May 31st, there is no escaping the obvious truth that, if Wilshere doesn’t show fitness improvements, then he may be missing the Russia game after all.

In any case, with the intensity expected to be high during said game, the chance to bet on England’s match against Russia is a palpable one. Leading bookies, such as Coral, are poised and ready for every second of Euro 2016 to unfold, and as such have a whole host of odds waiting for punters. And with the early stages of the tournament being just as important as the later, there is no doubt that many fans are already honing their tips in the run up to June.

Currently England’s betting odds are fairly good despite questionable performances in the past, however, with UEFA being a competition of twists and turns, stakers may want to play it cool for now.